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Trees for Seeds: tools and capacity building for resilient restoration

Restoration of degraded forest landscapes is vital to delivery of multiple Sustainable Development Goals. Forest genetic resources are the foundation of resilient restoration, where billions of seeds are required to establish planting material and support natural regeneration. There has been widespread failure in past restoration projects to capture suitable diversity and quality of seed and seedlings.

Safeguarding existing forest genetic diversity, strengthening regional capacity for seed production and selection, identifying appropriate species for restoration and ensuring sustainable use of genetically diverse planting material are all critical to ensure current and future restoration projects meet their objectives and Sustainable Development Goals.

Bioversity International’s ‘Trees for Seeds’ initiative provides the tools and capacity building for resilient restoration. Our activities include; the establishment of regional forest genetic resource networks, the identification of gaps in seed supply systems, strengthening seed production capacities and the provision of tools to assist with the conservation of priority species, as well as the selection of suitable species and planting materials to meet restoration objectives.