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The challenge

The well-being of millions of people is dependent on the provisioning services that trees deliver, including food, shelter, fuel, fibre, medicine and income. Forest and tree diversity is also important for planetary health, regulating climate, water, soil, supporting biodiversity and increasing the resilience of ecosystems to climate change.

Despite the vital role that trees play, the diversity within (genetic diversity) and among species, it is severely threatened by over-exploitation, land-use change, fragmentation of populations, climate change, invasions of exotic species and over-grazing by domestic livestock.

Why forest and tree genetic diversity matters

Where we work

  • Africa: Congo Basin, Southern African miombo and other Sudanian (Sahel) and Somalia-Masai dry forests 
  • Asia-Pacific: South, Southeast and Central Asia
  • Latin America: Amazon Basin, Andes and Mesoamerica/Maya Forest

Research highlights

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Resolving conflict over resources
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Trees for food and nutrition
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Gender-responsive forestry research
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Fruit tree and tree crop diversity

For more than 30 years, Bioversity International has worked closely with fruit tree and tree crop professionals and farmers around the world to share experiences, challenges, and new methods and approaches regarding the integration of diverse knowledge sources, the cross-fertilization of ideas, and the co-production of new innovations in tropical and Central Asian fruit trees, cacao and coconut.

Training guide on forest genetic resources

Available in English and Spanish, the 'Training Guide on forest genetic resources'is a tool for teaching and learning about forest genetic resources issues in formal education or on-the-job training. Through its modules, you will learn about the links between sustainable forest management and forest genetic resources, covering areas such as conservation strategies, trees outside forests, seed supply chains, and forest management, forest restoration and logging.

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Plenary during the Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn, 19-20 December 2017. Credit: Bioversity International/M.Franic

Global Landscapes Forum - A movement worth building

Bioversity International participated in several activities during this year's Global Landscapes Forum held in Bonn on 19-20 December, where the...

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A climate change atlas for Central America

Users can now explore the predicted effects of climate change on important agroforestry species.

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CGIAR partnership

Bioversity International’s forest research contributes to the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry:  Livelihoods, Landscapes and Governance.

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